Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles (Literature)

Another random podcast for you here! We have fun poetry and serious poetry, guest reader Mary DeMuth reading from "The Day I Met Jesus," stories from Becky's grandmother's younger years and another ex-inmate story from Becky's book "On a Wing and a Prayer."

Mary's passion in life is to help people live uncaged lives. Read her blogs and learn more about her writing and speaking at http://www.marydemuth.com/

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We talk about people in this podcast, but it’s not gossip – really. Our guest authors write about how our personalities differ and how those differences affect our relationships, our social life, our purpose and our work.

First, author, speaker, counselor and life coach Andy Johnson graciously reads several selections from his newest book for us. Titled Introvert Revolution: Leading Authentically in a World That Says You Can’t, the book is full of fascinating facts regarding the extrovert-introvert spectrum and how it's viewed in America, especially in the realm of leadership.

Along with some related quotes read by Steve, Richard Matteson provides personality perspective in one of his Today’s Word: Daily Wisdom for the Rushed Life blogs. This one is titled Most Important.

Check out Andy’s website and Richard’s blog!



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Although this podcast has a June wedding/marriage theme, it’s not a girls-only edition. We offer a selection of stories and musings about marriage, including the story of my grandparents’ 1910 Oklahoma wedding and a friend’s account of her 1940s courtship and marriage in Montana.

Our fiction story is also set in the mid-1900s. Steve reads a (non-mushy, for you guys) chapter from “Five Brides” by Eva Marie Everson. Here’s her publisher’s description of the book, which just released in print and eBook formats. Five independent women share a Chicago apartment in the 1950s but rarely see each other. One weekend when they're all together downtown, they see a wedding dress in a store window. Though none of them has a boyfriend or a date, they pool their money and buy it! Will one gown really connect five friends forever?

Moving into the 70s, I tell the story of our 1974 wedding. Steve’s mom called it “The Happening” for years after. You’ll understand why when you listen. Our unpredictable ceremony would have likely been a YouTube hit, if the Internet had been around way back then.

On a more serious vein, David Roper, who writes great blogs on his E-Musings site, featured one about the importance of waiting, which includes wise thoughts about marriage. As you might expect, Steve couldn’t resist inserting some fun quotes related to our theme, along with a kiss or two.




Amazon link to “Five Brides”: http://tinyurl.com/kl6jph2

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We begin podcast #19 by reading from “The Women Who Knew Him: Stories of Jesus’ Earthly Ministry to Women.” Author Patricia Diehl writes fictional accounts of historical women whose encounters with Jesus are recorded in the Bible. This excerpt tells Simon Peter’s mother-in-law’s story. http://diehl2360.wix.com/pat-diehl

You’ve heard from Adam Graham before on “Let Me Tell You a Story. His zany sense of humor once again rises to the surface in this short story titled, “The Perfect Church.” See more of his writings at http://www.dimknight.com ; http://lasersword.adamsweb.us

Pam McCleary’s writing has also been previously featured on this podcast. This time, we read her memory poem titled “Toto” plus more of Eugene Shea's pithy poetry. Enjoy!

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Guest reader Peter Leavell reads from his latest release, “West for the Black Hills,” on this podcast, followed by another jockey story, this one a short story by Laurie Bower called “The Zucchini Kid.” Add in “The Song of My Soul,” a beautiful poem by Gwyneth Bledsoe, and a blog post by Rich Matteson titled “Becoming Wise,” and we once again offer you a great listening experience. Enjoy!





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This podcast features a variety of genres, from Ray Ellis’s science fiction novel, “Kracken,” to Lenore Mobley’s western, “The Twin’s Journey Home,” to Gwyneth Bledsoe’s British mystery, “Death at the Races.” Steve also reads a couple personal experience stories he titled “Pancakes” and “Winners” and a poem by Eugene Shea called “Spring Comes to the Rockies.”

Books by our authors can be found on websites where books are sold. Eugene Shea’s poetry books on Amazon are at http://tinyurl.com/p5uk76h, and Lenore’s westerns at http://tinyurl.com/nzoyvhs. Check out Ray Ellis’s bio at www.nccpublishing.com/authors and read his blog here: http://truefiction.rayellis.org. Gwyneth’s website gwynethbledsoe.com includes a link to her blog.

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In podcast #16, we offer another great smorgasbord of stories for your listening pleasure. Some are true, and some came straight from the authors’ imaginations. We begin with the first chapter of Becky Avella’s new release, a romantic suspense novel with the simple title “Targeted.”

Educator, church planter and advocate for the world’s extreme poor, Tri Robinson, writes about his childhood struggles with dyslexia and how he became a teacher in “The Committee for the Reburial of Liver-Eating Johnston: Memoirs of a Dyslexic Teacher.”

We also read from the first book in Dr. Laurie Bower’s fantasy series, “Fairy Wars – The Dark Ones,” and conclude with Pam McCleary’s stroll down memory lane in “As Simple as RC Cola.”

Becky Avella – http://teamloveontherun.com/about

Tri Robinson – http://www.i-61.org

Laurie Bower – http://llbower.com

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Podcast #15 begins with a true story written by our friend Valerie Tucker. In “Quilts of Comfort,” she writes about a challenging time she and her husband experienced not too long ago.

We’ve already read several short stories from “Passageways.” During this session, we read two more. Peter Leavell’s story about a troubled monk in a dark, isolated monastery is called “Chapel of the Sacred Bramble.” Becky’s “Follow the Moonbeam” features the highs and lows of midlife marriage.

“In Honor of Trees,” our concluding poem, was written by Eugene Shea. You may recognize his name and style from previous podcasts. Enjoy!



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As usual our selections today are as varied as their authors. Kristine McCord’s contemporary fiction novel “Outrunning Josephine Finch” and Sandra Kopp’s fantasy novel titled “Warrior Queen of Ha-Ran-Fel” are both well-written, fascinating stories.

“Outrunning Josephine Finch” addresses female relationships and superstitions and is filled with humor and mystery. The “Warrior Queen” pits kingdom against kingdom, good against evil, and has a painfully dark beginning. Both books will leave you wanting to know the rest of the story.

Danney Clark’s short story, “The Picture,” is a heartwarming look at how people change people. Enjoy!

You can learn more about today’s authors at the below websites and find their books on Amazon as well as on other online sources.




(Did you catch our blooper?!)


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You’ll enjoy the fun sound effects our audio-engineer son, Toby Lyles, added to this podcast. He always does a good job, but he had a few extra minutes and threw in some special bells and whistles, just for you (smile).

First off, we present an excerpt from Renee Blaire’s debut romantic suspense novel titled “The Beast of Stratton” about a former military helicopter pilot, followed by Pam McCleary’s thought-provoking poem, “Where I’m From,” and Steve’s story of a road-trip the two of us took long, long ago.

Our last story is from “It’s a God Thing! Stories of Life-Changing Friendships,” the book Becky coauthored with Larry Baker. This chapter, titled I’ll See You Again, will tug at your heartstrings but leave you with a smile on your face. The podcast finale features more poems from Eugene Shea, who just turned 89. Happy Birthday, Eugene!

Renee Blaire: http://www.reneeblare.com/

Toby Lyles: http://twentyfoursound.com/


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For those who loved the first chapter of Angela Strong's "The Snowball Fight Professional," you'll be pleased to know this podcast includes the second chapter, titled "I'm Dreaming of a Whitewater Christmas." To read the rest of the story, order Snowball Fight online or through your local bookstore.

You'll also hear excerpts from Heather Woodhaven's fun new novel titled, "The Secret Life of Book Club," and Andrea Graham's first book in her Web Surfer science-fiction series titled "Episode One: Regeneration." Both books are available online.

Carla Dalke and Steve Lyles both share crazy stories from childhood. Carla writes about sibling trickery and Steve relates a swimming pool incident. And that's all we'll say about that!

http://www.angelaruthstrong.com / http://angelaruthstrong.blogspot.com

Heather: https://www.facebook.com/heatherwoodhaven

Andrea: http://www.povbootcamp.com / http://www.christsglory.com

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In this, our 11th podcast, Steve reads from Angela Ruth Strong's children's book titled "The Snowball Fight Professional," book #2 in her Fun4Hire Series. Our grandchildren love this book, and I'm sure your children and grandchildren will agree it's an entertaining read with a hero who has plenty of life lessons to learn. Read more about Angela and her books at http://www.angelaruthstrong.com –and– http://angelaruthstrong.blogspot.com

Although we've never met our next author, Amanda Cabot, she and Becky corresponded via email after discovering that Amanda and her husband moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, about the time we moved away several years ago. Amanda has lots of books under her author belt, many of them historical novels about Texas, where she moved from, and Wyoming, her new home. Her latest book is a contemporary story titled "At Blue Bonnet Lake." This one is set on a lakeside resort in Texas. Here are Amanda's blog and website links: http://amandajoycabot.blogspot.com  and http://sff.net/people/amanda.cabot

You'll also hear the first chapter of Becky's newly released "Winds of Freedom" audiobook, as read by our lovely daughter-in-law, Jessica Lyles. You'll enjoy her mellow reading style and want to order the audiobook just to hear more. :-)

http://www.beckylyles.comand– http://www.widgetwords.wordpress.com

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Our tenth podcast (woo-hoo!) includes a fun variety of writings from new friends. Steve reads from Eugene Shea's poetry book titled "The Last Caboose," TR Fischer reads from her suspense novel, "A Man Around the House," and I read Carla Dalke's beautiful poem - actually, song lyric titled "I Will Never Leave You." Steve finishes with a couple good quotes and his thoughts about joining a men's group and making new friends there.

Happy listening!

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On the eve of Christ’s appearance on earth in human form, Steve reads a Christmas poem for you, plus we share a short story, a devotional thought and a couple of great quotes.

Listen all the way through to the fun ending. Merry Christmas from our house to yours! Steve & Becky

Links for this session’s authors: bdriehl.wordpress.com and beckylyles.com

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Once again, we're featuring local authors with new book releases on our podcast. We're also privileged to have another guest reader. Isaiah Silkwood reads from his fun pirate fantasy novel, "Of Pirates and Werewolves." We also read chapters from Lisa Philips's latest release in her WITSEC Town Series titled "Sanctuary Buried" and BD Riehl's second novel in her Child of Deliverance Series, "The Heavens Are Telling."

If you'd like to learn what happens next in these stories, you can find the books online in various formats or order them from bookstores. More about our featured authors can be found at the below links:




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Our good friend Ray Ellis kindly agreed to read his short story titled "I" for us on this podcast. Stay alert - the setting in "I" switches from the protagonist's current location to his past memories, again and again. Thank you, Ray!

You can find Ray's novels on Amazon as well as at his publishing company's website: nccpublishing.com.

We also read a poem by a Texas friend, Larry Long, called "Windy Grace" plus a true story that happened to a Wyoming friend titled "Tattered Angel."

Thanks for listening!

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Several Idaho authors from the Treasure Valley area have kindly allowed us to read their material on this podcast. We begin with a beautiful poem by Chris White titled "Cycle Drops," followed by "Bad Girl," a short story written by Lisa Hess and found in "Passageways." The last two stories are from Adam Graham's detective novel, "Slime Incorporated," and Angela Ruth Strong's romance, "Love Finds You in Sun Valley, Idaho."

To learn more about these wonderful authors, who are also great people, check out their websites:

Angela Strong: http://www.angelaruthstrong.com/

Lisa Hess: http://www.lisamichellehess.com/

Adam Graham: http://www.greatdetectives.net/

Chris White: http://www.cpwhitemedia.com/

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Again, we're privileged to read writings by local author friends. The podcast begins with the first chapter of Hilarey Johnson's brand-new young-adult novel titled "Heart of Petra." Next is "Free on the Inside" from a book I wrote several years ago about Freedom Fellowship, a prison ministry, followed by a couple devotionals from Lisa Buffaloe's "Living Joyfully Free" collection. The podcast concludes with two vignettes written and read by Steve.

Find out more about the authors:




You can locate Steve on Facebook, where he occasionally stops by for a visit. :-)

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Let Me Tell You a Story Podcast #4 with Steve and Becky Lyles
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Let Me Tell You a Story Podcast #2 with Steve and Becky Lyles

Welcome to our second Let Me Tell You a Story podcast. Today's stories and quotes center around dads. Steve reads a piece he calls Remembering Dad and Becky discusses her father's love of books. They also read Pam McCleary's story about her dad titled The Yellow Cab and Valerie Gray's fictionalized tale about a father-in-law who has dementia titled John Wayne Lives. [valeriegray.com]

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Let Me Tell You a Story Podcast #3 with Steve and Becky Lyles

The subject for our third Let Me Tell You a Story podcast is springtime. It's official -- trees are budding and flowers are blooming. And our friends with pollen issues are miserable. Maybe these stories will help you forget the sneezes and itchy eyes.

The first story comes from a nonfiction book Becky authored with Larry Baker titled It's a God Thing! Larry had a life-changing experience early one morning on a golf course. You'll enjoy hearing how he handled adversity. Other readings include a poem by Steve, a short story by Becky and a chapter from her first novel, Winds of Wyoming.

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Let Me Tell You a Story Podcast #1 with Steve & Becky Lyles

In their first Let Me Tell You a Story podcast, Steve and Becky Lyles read stories, poems and quotes related to that in-between time of year when spring is almost here but winter refuses to release its hold on the earth. Titles include: Wyoming Poem, My Grandmother's Quilts, Mattie Cummins, and Smile, Jesus Loves You.

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