Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

You’ll enjoy the fun sound effects our audio-engineer son, Toby Lyles, added to this podcast. He always does a good job, but he had a few extra minutes and threw in some special bells and whistles, just for you (smile).

First off, we present an excerpt from Renee Blaire’s debut romantic suspense novel titled “The Beast of Stratton” about a former military helicopter pilot, followed by Pam McCleary’s thought-provoking poem, “Where I’m From,” and Steve’s story of a road-trip the two of us took long, long ago.

Our last story is from “It’s a God Thing! Stories of Life-Changing Friendships,” the book Becky coauthored with Larry Baker. This chapter, titled I’ll See You Again, will tug at your heartstrings but leave you with a smile on your face. The podcast finale features more poems from Eugene Shea, who just turned 89. Happy Birthday, Eugene!

Renee Blaire: http://www.reneeblare.com/

Toby Lyles: http://twentyfoursound.com/


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For those who loved the first chapter of Angela Strong's "The Snowball Fight Professional," you'll be pleased to know this podcast includes the second chapter, titled "I'm Dreaming of a Whitewater Christmas." To read the rest of the story, order Snowball Fight online or through your local bookstore.

You'll also hear excerpts from Heather Woodhaven's fun new novel titled, "The Secret Life of Book Club," and Andrea Graham's first book in her Web Surfer science-fiction series titled "Episode One: Regeneration." Both books are available online.

Carla Dalke and Steve Lyles both share crazy stories from childhood. Carla writes about sibling trickery and Steve relates a swimming pool incident. And that's all we'll say about that!

http://www.angelaruthstrong.com / http://angelaruthstrong.blogspot.com

Heather: https://www.facebook.com/heatherwoodhaven

Andrea: http://www.povbootcamp.com / http://www.christsglory.com

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In this, our 11th podcast, Steve reads from Angela Ruth Strong's children's book titled "The Snowball Fight Professional," book #2 in her Fun4Hire Series. Our grandchildren love this book, and I'm sure your children and grandchildren will agree it's an entertaining read with a hero who has plenty of life lessons to learn. Read more about Angela and her books at http://www.angelaruthstrong.com –and– http://angelaruthstrong.blogspot.com

Although we've never met our next author, Amanda Cabot, she and Becky corresponded via email after discovering that Amanda and her husband moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, about the time we moved away several years ago. Amanda has lots of books under her author belt, many of them historical novels about Texas, where she moved from, and Wyoming, her new home. Her latest book is a contemporary story titled "At Blue Bonnet Lake." This one is set on a lakeside resort in Texas. Here are Amanda's blog and website links: http://amandajoycabot.blogspot.com  and http://sff.net/people/amanda.cabot

You'll also hear the first chapter of Becky's newly released "Winds of Freedom" audiobook, as read by our lovely daughter-in-law, Jessica Lyles. You'll enjoy her mellow reading style and want to order the audiobook just to hear more. :-)

http://www.beckylyles.comand– http://www.widgetwords.wordpress.com

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