Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

For those who loved the first chapter of Angela Strong's "The Snowball Fight Professional," you'll be pleased to know this podcast includes the second chapter, titled "I'm Dreaming of a Whitewater Christmas." To read the rest of the story, order Snowball Fight online or through your local bookstore.

You'll also hear excerpts from Heather Woodhaven's fun new novel titled, "The Secret Life of Book Club," and Andrea Graham's first book in her Web Surfer science-fiction series titled "Episode One: Regeneration." Both books are available online.

Carla Dalke and Steve Lyles both share crazy stories from childhood. Carla writes about sibling trickery and Steve relates a swimming pool incident. And that's all we'll say about that!

http://www.angelaruthstrong.com / http://angelaruthstrong.blogspot.com

Heather: https://www.facebook.com/heatherwoodhaven

Andrea: http://www.povbootcamp.com / http://www.christsglory.com

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