Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

Although this podcast has a June wedding/marriage theme, it’s not a girls-only edition. We offer a selection of stories and musings about marriage, including the story of my grandparents’ 1910 Oklahoma wedding and a friend’s account of her 1940s courtship and marriage in Montana.

Our fiction story is also set in the mid-1900s. Steve reads a (non-mushy, for you guys) chapter from “Five Brides” by Eva Marie Everson. Here’s her publisher’s description of the book, which just released in print and eBook formats. Five independent women share a Chicago apartment in the 1950s but rarely see each other. One weekend when they're all together downtown, they see a wedding dress in a store window. Though none of them has a boyfriend or a date, they pool their money and buy it! Will one gown really connect five friends forever?

Moving into the 70s, I tell the story of our 1974 wedding. Steve’s mom called it “The Happening” for years after. You’ll understand why when you listen. Our unpredictable ceremony would have likely been a YouTube hit, if the Internet had been around way back then.

On a more serious vein, David Roper, who writes great blogs on his E-Musings site, featured one about the importance of waiting, which includes wise thoughts about marriage. As you might expect, Steve couldn’t resist inserting some fun quotes related to our theme, along with a kiss or two.




Amazon link to “Five Brides”: http://tinyurl.com/kl6jph2

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