Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

This December podcast features a Christmas romance by Angela Ruth Strong, a children's Christmas story by Sheila Eismann, a winter poem by Diane Egge, Alfred Tennyson's "Christmas and New Year Bells," and two fun author interviews.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Don't forget: Jesus is the Reason for the Season.









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We’re stepping back from Christmas readings in this December podcast due to an opportunity to interview author and world traveler, Jodi Cowles, and to read from her third novel, When Darkness Falls. Jodi joined us via Skype all the way from Istanbul, Turkey.

Jodi's three books vary in style and subject matter. One reviewer writes of her first book, The Minor Protection Act: Ms. Cowles's novel is a sobering reminder of how fragile religious liberty and parental rights are in America.

Her second book, an allegory titled Thirst, takes a unique, thoughtful look at the world's suffering and sadness. When Darkness Falls is unrelated to the first two books and is the beginning of a series. From a reviewer: A believable look at terrorists, their hostages, and the complex relationships that can form between them, as well as how those "back home" cope and deal with all that is involved. 

Visit Jodi's Amazon author page to learn more about her and see her books: http://tinyurl.com/hnrdw6h

Or chat with her on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/whereisjodi/

Know someone who'd like to learn English and be entertained at the same time? Send them to: http://evdeenglish.com/



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'Tis the Season for eclectic holiday readings on Let Me Tell You a Story. We read Wyoming poet Eugene Shea's Christmas thoughts, an old Christmas tale by an early 20th-century author, an ancient Christmas hymn and a letter to Santa. To close the podcast, Elaine Oostra's "Star of Hope" and a Martin Luther poem give listeners food for thought as they journey through this Season of Celebration.



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Our guest on Podcast #54, Carol Kjar, shares her "granny" stories, one called "Bronco Grandma" and the other a children's story titled "The Five Grannies Go to the Ball." Steve and Becky continue reading from "Treasure Island" and "Winds of Wyoming" and conclude with Thanksgiving quotes plus a call for submissions to Let Me Tell You a Story.

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Podcast #53 takes us back to the continuing sagas of Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming. Listeners are also treated to several fun Kid Chuckles and a David Roper E-Musing titled The Tyranny of Time plus poetry by Steve Lyles and Eugene Shay.



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We have a special treat for you on this podcast. Our guest reader, Lisa Hess, reads one of her stories from Passageways, the short-story compilation we mention now and then. This one is titled Invisible Thread and is the longest story in the collection. Lisa will read the entire story for you today, so sit back and enjoy!


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Our guest reader for this episode is Dr. Laurie Bower, an Idaho author who’s written two books of a fantasy trilogy she’s titled “Fairy Wars.” Steve follows with Treasure Island, chapter twelve, and Becky offers another excerpt from chapter twelve of Winds of Wyoming. To conclude the podcast, Steve shares several political observations that speak to this year’s wild-and-crazy presidential campaign.


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We are excited to reach a podcast milestone, No. 50. Many thanks to each of you for listening to Let Me Tell You a Story. Steve reads from Treasure Island, chapter eleven in this podcast, and Becky shares a short story titled The God Gift from Passageways, a compilation of short stories by Idaho authors. The God Gift is based on an Old Testament story about the Prophet Elijah's encounter with a desperate Phoenician widow who was also a single mom. Humorous highlights include Eugene Shea poetry plus quotes that just might relate to our current political scene.

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This episode features excerpts from the books we've been reading chapter by chapter on the podcast -- Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming. We also include several Kid Chuckles, which are funny things our kids said when they were small, plus an amusing story from David Roper's childhood and several Eugene Shea poems.

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This podcast takes a stroll down memory lane. Steve reads his dad's account of his long and varied life, and Becky reads her mom's Great Depression memories. Steve’s father, Finis Lyles, grew up in the south. Becky's mother, Carrol Chisholm Carey, was raised in Wyoming. As always (well, almost always...), you'll also hear excerpts from "Treasure Island" and "Winds of Wyoming."

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All that Glitters…

Kid Chuckles, fool’s gold, Tolkien thoughts, life and love on a train, Treasure Island, and "When Things Go Wrong." We offer all that and more on podcast #47!

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Becky reads an excerpt from her new book, "Winds of Change," on this podcast, and Steve provides poetry written by his grandfather plus continues his "Treasure Island" reading with chapter seven.

Our guest author, Dana Longre, talks about the creative process and reads selections from her memoir titled "In a Van Down by the River." We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Dana and hearing a bit of her story and know you will also appreciate her contribution to podcast #46, including the fun moments when she breaks into song.

Dana would love to connect with you on Facebook. Find her at “Dana Longpre” and send a “friend” request.

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For podcast #45, Steve reads an excerpt from Robert Bolen's book, The Horse Indians, that tells the story of Texas Ranger Nelson Lee’s capture by the Comanches and his eventual escape. In our continuing sagas, Becky reads from chapter eleven of Winds of Wyoming and Steve reads chapter six of Treasure Island. We conclude with wise thoughts from Earline Kline's New Every Morning and another crazy joke. :-)

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This podcast isn’t a podcast at all. Instead, it’s a panel discussion that Becky recently moderated for her writing group, Idahope Writers. Several Boise area top-selling authors graciously took time out of busy schedules to talk about how they navigate today’s ever-changing publishing world. The panelists shared a wealth of information that evening, and now Idahope Writers would like to share their insights with you. Listen to what authors Lisa Phillips, Angela Strong, Peter Leavell, Robin Lee Hatcher, Patrick Craig and Ray Ellis have to say about writing and publishing—then click on the links below to learn more about them and their writing.








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This podcast is only about a half hour in length, but we think you'll enjoy it. In-between David Roper's thought-provoking E-Musings, we continue our reading of "Treasure Island" and "Winds of Wyoming." We also offer more Kid Chuckles and a funny joke about memory loss. You'll have to listen to the end of the podcast to hear the joke because we already forgot it and won't be able to repeat it, if you ask. Just joking...


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Steve reads several poems for you in this podcast, some he's written and some by Eugene Shea. We also continue with our reading of "Treasure Island" and "Winds of Wyoming" and share some more Kid Chuckles with you plus a funny joke at the end. Enjoy!

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You'll learn more about the two of us in Podcast 42 when we read "Where I'm From" poems about our childhoods. Steve grew up in Oakland, California, and Becky spent her childhood in a small Wyoming town called Wheatland. We'll also read some more "Kid Chuckles" plus continuing chapters from "Treasure Island" and "Winds of Wyoming." We've shared inspirational pieces by Lisa Buffaloe in the past, but for this podcast, we read from one of her novels. This one is titled "Prodigal Nights."

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Podcast #41 includes a new feature we're calling "Kid Chuckles." Yeah, it's not a terribly original title, but we think you'll enjoy quotes from our kids when they were small as well as those listeners send to us (be sure to email us yours!). Steve continues reading "Treasure Island" (chapter 2) and Becky continues to read "Winds of Wyoming" in this episode (chapter 9). Add in poems by Eugene Shea, a book excerpt by Danney Clark and thoughts about wisdom from Rich Matteson, and you'll have plenty to think about until the next podcast. :-)



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Today’s podcast has somewhat of a sea theme and begins with Patricia Watkins essay titled “Our Beach.” Steve follows with the first chapter of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. We’ll continue reading a chapter per podcast until we conquer all 34 chapters.

The show’s co-hosts take a moment or two in this podcast to discuss their own writing. Steve talks about how he became interested in poetry plus he reads some of his own work. Becky talks about her love for books and reads from chapter nine of Winds of Wyoming.


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A literary quiz, a bit of history, an 1890 classic - "The Nice People" - and "Winds of Wyoming." What more could you want in a story-based podcast?

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Podcast #38 is full of surprises, but the only hint we'll give you is that it includes a reading from "Winds of Wyoming" plus Mark Twain's most famous short story and other fun stuff. Oops, that was more than one hint...

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Steve begins podcast #37 reading from chapter seven of "Winds of Wyoming" and Becky reads the final chapter of her grandparents’ homesteading story. We also include a great essay about a great-aunt, a couple jokes and two pieces that ponder the updrafts and crosswinds we each encounter in life.
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This podcast's mix includes thoughts and poetry about aging gracefully, memories from a Wyoming homestead, musings sparked by a star-filled Texas sky, a humorous short story about horse racing, and an excerpt from chapter seven of "Winds of Wyoming."

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Several previous podcasts have featured stories from Becky's grandparents' homesteading days. This one includes a news report from 1925 and the unique method her grandfather used to enlarge their home for their expanding family. We also read a Jack London story on this podcast, more Eugene Shea poetry and the conclusion of chapter six from "Winds of Wyoming."

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Years Past and Future

Podcast #34 begins with Sandra Kopp’s “Elegy to a Changing World,” followed by David Roper’s thoughts on suffering titled “Bro Job” and Vera Anderson’s tribute to her mother, “Remembering Mom.”

Steve reads another excerpt from “Winds of Wyoming” (beginning of chapter six) and I read more stories from my grandparents’ homesteading days in Wyoming. We finish with a thought-provoking piece from Richard Matteson called “Evaluate.”






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We hoped this podcast would make it through the hoops before Christmas but the holidays have a way of interrupting schedules, which is okay. No matter the season, you’ll enjoy Lisa Phillip’s latest installment in her Witness Security or WITSEC Town series. This one is titled “A Sanctuary Christmas Tale.”

Guest reader Isaiah Silkwood reads from Rae Ann Norell’s story about her extreme-kayaker son, Dave Norell. Her book is titled “Broke, Hungry and Happy.” I read Pauline Sheehan Grave’s short story about her sister titled “Jennifer’s Best Christmas.” And Steve concludes with the history of the song “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.” You’ll be surprised by its tragic origins and the stanzas we don’t usually hear or sing.

Lisa Phillips: http://www.authorlisaphillips.com/

Rae Ann Norell: http://brokehungryandhappy.com/

Isaiah Silkwood: http://WhatsMoreAwesome.wordpress.com/

Pauline Sheehan: http://paulinesheehan.com/


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