Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

The Child Who Had Everything & The Child Who Had Nothing

Our Christmas readings are long and short, silly and sad, crazy and thought-provoking. Merry Christmas to All!





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A Little Bit of Christmas

This episode includes the O. Henry Christmas short story titled "The Gift of the Magi" plus some Christmas quotes. We also provide excerpts from Patrick Craig's "Amish Heiress" and "Winds of Wyoming." Merry Christmas!




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Deflated Dreams

In Podcast #90, we read David Roper and Eugene Shea writings concerning deflated Christmas dreams and Bethany Reihl's story of a deflated relationship dream. What about "Winds of Wyoming"? Well, this excerpt mixes deflated dreams with inflated egos.

David Roper blogsite and author page

Bethany Reihl blogsite https://bdriehl.wordpress.com/

and author page https://www.amazon.com/Bethany-Riehl/e/B06XZXZY1J

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Meant for Paradise

Steve concludes PG Wodehouse's "Extricating Young Gussie" in this podcast, and Becky reads a "Winds of Wyoming," chapter 28, excerpt. We also feature Eugene Shea poetry and Lisa Buffaloe thoughts from "We Were Meant for Paradise."

Lisa Buffaloe website: https://lisabuffaloe.com/

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Some Things

Suzanne McHone graciously joined us in our home studio to read her beautiful poetry for this podcast. Steve and Becky followed with a PG Wodehouse short story titled "Extricating Young Gussie," a "Winds of Wyoming" excerpt, and a Roger Pond essay about a sidetracked turkey hunt titled "Fine Mess."


Roger Pond: author page

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Our selections for podcast #87 include "Tsunami" by John Clark Wagner, a "Winds of Wyoming" excerpt, some fun Kid Chuckles and good thoughts from Martin Luther King, Jr.



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Bill the Bloodhound

In Podcast #86, Steve reads a long but fun 100-year-old short story by British humor author PG Wodehouse titled "Bill the Bloodhound." We also include more entries from Jeanne Kay's "Prison Librarian" journal and conclude with a Eugene Shea poem he titled "Ninety-Nine Years."




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A Small Mistake

Our guest author, Lisa Michelle Hess, reads "A Small Mistake," a short story from the "Passageways" collection, Steve and Becky share the reading of Jack London's short story titled "Daughter of Aurora," and Becky closes with "Winds of Wyoming" chapter 27.


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Winds, Ways and Worms

We reached a milestone in this podcast -- the last chapter of "Treasure Island." Other readings come from Becky's "Winds of Wyoming," Earline Kline's "The Ways of the Lord," and Roger Pond's "Take the Kids Fishing: They're Better than Worms."





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A Life Worth Living

In the midst of crazy times, columnist and blogger David Roper reminds us that life is worth living when we help others. And Jeanne Kay provides humor and thoughts to ponder in excerpts from her Prison Librarian Journal. Steve reads chapter 33 from "Treasure Island" and Becky's in chapter 25 of "Winds of Wyoming."

David Roper blogsite and author page: http://davidroper.blogspot.com/  &  author page

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A Giant, a Garden and Gold

The "Selfish Giant" short story by Oscar Wilde and "Kid Chuckles" quotes are fun additions to our "Winds of Wyoming" and "Treasure Island" readings. We also throw in a poem the two of us wrote way back when. :-)

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Romance and Run-Ins

You'll enjoy Jeanne Kay's "Prison Librarian" journal entries along with excerpts from "Father to the Fatherless" by Serenity Orr. Steve reads chapter 31 from "Treasure Island" and Becky reads "Winds of Wyoming" chapter 25. We're nearing the end of both novels. Stayed tuned to find out what books we serialize next. :-)

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Audio Quilt

Podcast #80 writings are like quilt pieces. We read a square or two of humor, a square of serious, two squares of book excerpts, and then finish off with a fun poetry square. Enjoy!

Roger Pond author page

Eclectic Collage https://www.amazon.com/Eclectic-Collage-Creative-Chicks-Writers-ebook/dp/B005M4TXV6/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

(Podcast sound effects source: http://www.freesfx.co.uk)

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Butterflies, Bouquets, Rodeo Queens – and Driving the Truck

Interspersed with Steve and Becky reading "Treasure Island" and "Winds of Wyoming" chapters, our special guest, Sharon Brown, shares several of her poems for your summer listening pleasure. :-)




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July Musings

In Podcast #78, Steve provides a glimpse into Becky's latest book, "Winds of Hope." He also reads several patriotic poems by Eugene Shea. Richard Matteson joins us with thoughts about revenge based on Samson's life, and Becky reads from Laurie Bower's "Journal of Miracles." We conclude with a handful of Kid Chuckles guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. :-)

Laurie Bower – http://llbower.com

Richard Matteson – http://todaysword-richard.blogspot.com/

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Better than Worms

From outhouse humor to ancient tribes, from frustrated children to frustrated pirates, from endangered species to endangered humans -- this podcast has it all! Enjoy :-)

David Roper blogsite: http://davidroper.blogspot.com/

Dave Roper author page

Roger Pond author page

Serenity Orr Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Mrs.-Serenity-K.-Orr/e/B016QO2ZME 

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Legs to Run

Hilarey Johnson's "Shape-Shifting" Bohoja" kidnapping story provides a different perspective on an old, sordid crime. And Jeanne Kay offers fun tales about escaped criminals in her "Prison Librarian" journal. Moving ahead with our regular readings, Steve is in chapter 27 of "Treasure Island" and Becky reads from "Winds of Wyoming" chapter 23. Enjoy!

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Mysteries All Around

A mysterious skull, a frightening phone message, an eerie picture, a black night, a noisy parrot, threatening emails, boot prints in the backyard, house arrest – and really great music. You'll hear it all on Podcast #75!

Danney Clark: http://danscribepublishing.com/

John Clark Wagner: https://www.amazon.com/John-Clark-Wagner/e/B01MG2ELX2/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0


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A Dark Moon Rises

We're back with "Treasure Island" and "Winds of Wyoming" excerpts in podcast #74. In addition, we share some Kid Chuckles plus read from Sandra Kopp's "A Dark Moon Rises" and Earline Kline's "Loving My Enemies."

Sandra Kopp: https://www.amazon.com/Sandra-Kopp/e/B00GVHF9AW/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1496686167&sr=1-1

Earline Kline: https://www.amazon.com/Earline-Kline/e/B00MZHH11M/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1496686268&sr=1-2-ent

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Like the Moon (Light & Dark)

We offer a mix of humorous and somewhat dark tales in podcast #73. As you might guess, "My Dog Was a Redneck but We Got Him Fixed" by Roger Pond leans toward the lighter side. "The Magician" from "Passageways" and "The Interlopers" by 19th Century British author Saki are a bit darker, but they also have a bright side. The podcast concludes with "Like Balls," a short poem by Christian Foster and "The Great Awakening" by David Roper.






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Running the Race

We begin this podcast with Serenity Orr's Revealer of Secrets: A Ruby Mountain Mystery. Also in the lineup: Winds of Wyoming and Treasure Island excerpts, a David Roper essay called Courage, and a Patti Shene poem titled My Yesterday.

Serenity Orr Amazon author page: www.amazon.com/author/serenitykorr





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Nevada Guest Authors

We continue our readings from Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming and also treat you to fiction by authors who live in nearby Nevada. Search for Xerena by Serenity Orr is the first novel in an ancient-world fantasy series and The Hot-Pink Duffle by Christina Foster is a fun short story you're sure to enjoy.

Serenity Orr Amazon author page: www.amazon.com/author/serenitykorr

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On April 25, 2017, I was privileged to be Patti Shene’s guest author on “Step Into the Light,” a Blog Talk Radio program. We had a good time talking about UFOs, addiction, the writing life, the ups and downs of my writing journey, our podcast, and my next series, Prisoners of Hope.

Along with readings from Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming, Podcast 70 features entries from Jeanne Kay's "Prison Librarian" journal plus a fun short story by Danney Clark.


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Our featured author on Podcast 69 is John Clark Wagner of Sun City, Arizona, who has three novels under his belt -- The Opportunist, The DNA Murders and Tsunami. For this episode, Steve reads a couple chapters from John's first book, The Opportunist, which is about a man raised in West Virginia's Appalachian Mountains. We also share more Kid Chuckles and continue with Winds of Wyoming and Treasure Island excerpts.

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Gold Fever

In addition to a surprise at the beginning, this podcast includes Kid Chuckles and readings from Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming plus Hilarey Johnson's latest action-adventure novel that's far more than just action and adventure. Fasten your seatbelts!


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Life, Death and Resurrection

This episode includes readings from Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming along with David Roper's thoughts about life and death. Our resurrection story, which merges fiction with nonfiction, comes from a book titled "The Women Who Knew Him" written by Nevada author Patricia Diehl.

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Dancers and Drivers

The editor of The Community Paper in San Diego, California, kindly gave us permission to read a true story that happened 20 years ago. Written by Kent Ballard, the account is titled “The Blind Hill.” We also read from Patrick Craig’s YA novel, The Mystery of Ghost Dancer Ranch: The Adventures of Punkin and Boo (Volume 1).

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Our featured writer this episode is women's fiction author Anne Mote. Her book is titled One Love, and we read from Part One, Without Love. We also continue our reading of Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming excerpts. The bonus at the end of the podcast is a handful of marriage quotes, some serious, some humorous.



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The Long and The Short of It

In podcast #64, Steve reads Peter Leavell's long short story from Passageways titled "Three Days" about a young boy dealing with death in a surprising manner. We also include more excerpts from Jeannie Kay's Prison Librarian journal and an update on Becky's latest Kate Neilson book, Winds of Hope.


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We offer more Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming in this podcast plus several fun Kid Chuckles and a short story titled "The Slice" by Idaho author Danney Clark.

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Our guest novelist on podcast #62 is Ray Ellis. Steve reads from the first book in Ray's Nate Richards Series titled Notorious. Chapter 16 in Becky's Winds of Wyoming is an exciting one. She reads that excerpt (listen for sound effects!) plus the beginning of her newest book, Winds of Hope, which is the prequel to the Kate Neilson Series.


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Spice of Life

Topics in podcast 61 range from pirates (Treasure Island) and cowboys (Winds of Wyoming) to family memories (Grandpa by Laurie Bower) and meddling (Minding My Own Business by David Roper). As they say, variety is the spice of life. We think you'll enjoy this "spicy" collection.

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Make It Last 2

Steve reads the last half of Michelle Netten's "Make It Last" detective story in podcast #60. Great conclusion! And Becky finishes it off with more excerpts from Jeanne Kay's prison librarian journal.

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If you enjoy a good detective story, you'll love MAKE IT LAST by Michelle Netten! This podcast also includes a couple fun Kid Chuckles, some New Year quotes and chapter 14 of WINDS OF WYOMING.

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A Personal Touch

We talk about our projects and life in southeastern Idaho in our first 2017 podcast. Plus, we read from Treasure Island, Winds of Wyoming and a new feature, excerpts from a prison librarian's journal. Enjoy!

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