Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

Like the Moon (Light & Dark)

We offer a mix of humorous and somewhat dark tales in podcast #73. As you might guess, "My Dog Was a Redneck but We Got Him Fixed" by Roger Pond leans toward the lighter side. "The Magician" from "Passageways" and "The Interlopers" by 19th Century British author Saki are a bit darker, but they also have a bright side. The podcast concludes with "Like Balls," a short poem by Christian Foster and "The Great Awakening" by David Roper.






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Running the Race

We begin this podcast with Serenity Orr's Revealer of Secrets: A Ruby Mountain Mystery. Also in the lineup: Winds of Wyoming and Treasure Island excerpts, a David Roper essay called Courage, and a Patti Shene poem titled My Yesterday.

Serenity Orr Amazon author page: www.amazon.com/author/serenitykorr





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Nevada Guest Authors

We continue our readings from Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming and also treat you to fiction by authors who live in nearby Nevada. Search for Xerena by Serenity Orr is the first novel in an ancient-world fantasy series and The Hot-Pink Duffle by Christina Foster is a fun short story you're sure to enjoy.

Serenity Orr Amazon author page: www.amazon.com/author/serenitykorr

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On April 25, 2017, I was privileged to be Patti Shene’s guest author on “Step Into the Light,” a Blog Talk Radio program. We had a good time talking about UFOs, addiction, the writing life, the ups and downs of my writing journey, our podcast, and my next series, Prisoners of Hope.

Along with readings from Treasure Island and Winds of Wyoming, Podcast 70 features entries from Jeanne Kay's "Prison Librarian" journal plus a fun short story by Danney Clark.


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