Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

Seven Deadly Friendships

We are delighted to have Mary DeMuth as our guest on podcast 107. She’s the author of more than thirty books, most of them nonfiction, and many of them having to do with relationships and emotional healing. A sought-after international speaker, she has overcome, through Jesus’ healing, a difficult past to become an authentic example of what it means to live a brand-new story. For this podcast, she reads from her latest release, “The Seven Deadly Friendships: How to Heal when Painful Relationships Eat Away Your Joy.” She lives in Texas with her family and graciously agreed to speak with us by Skype.

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A Song in the Night

On Podcast #106, we interview author Rebecca Bryan Howell and ask her to tell us about her first book, "The Littlest Warrior." She also reads a fascinating excerpt from her most recent release, "A Song in the Night." Based on her mother's journals, Rebecca recounts the trials and adventures the daughter of homesteaders and granddaughter of pioneers experienced throughout her life.


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