Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

Which Way?

In their beautifully written book titled "Which Way? One Woman's Traumatic Journey and Her Daughter's Explanation of How to Turn Pain into Power," Jann and Shari Simmons explore childhood trauma and its long-lasting effects.

In podcast #109, these sweet, delightful women talk about overcoming rejection, abandonment, grief, shame and much more. Sit back and be prepared to learn, heal and grow through their wise words.





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Out of My Comfort Zone

Steve Bower, a charter pilot and a flight trainer, shares a fun short story with us on Podcast 108. Titled "Los Mochis, Mexico: Out of My Comfort Zone," the story describes his first experience piloting an international charter flight. At the end of the podcast, he talks about an encounter with a dubious passenger, a story you're sure to enjoy.

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