Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

Betwixt and Between

Thanks to the craziness of 2020, we were able to catch our guest between countries. Marie has studied and worked with a charity organization in Asia and is now headed to a far different country to do similar work. Listeners will enjoy her humor and international perspective.

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Our guest on Podcast #127 is Ron Hilbrands, a friend who has flown airplanes in remote parts of the world for an organization called Mission Aviation Fellowship. He served as a pilot/mechanic in both Indonesia and the Kingdom of Lesotho. (I had to look up Lesotho, pronounced Li-soo-too, and learned it’s a beautiful yet small country inside of South Africa.) Later in his 36-year career with MAF, Ron left flying to manage their Mobilization Department. We asked him to join us on Let Me Tell You a Story to share some of his overseas adventures.

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Daughter of a Scottish immigrant and a third-generation American, Beatrice Carroll grew up on Long Island, New York. At age 17, she enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served during the Vietnam War. After the Marine Corps, her life spiraled downward into the disease of addiction, leaving her lost, alone and homeless, living on the streets in Los Angeles, California. But on May 12, 1982, a surprise encounter changed her life forever. Today, she serves as a psychotherapist who specializes in women’s issues and addictions. Her desire is to create a safe, beautiful place for women to heal and realize their amazing worth.

Contact Beatrice at: beatricecarroll56@gmail.com

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In Sickness and in Health

Henry Charlier is the husband of Lori Charlier who talked with us on Podcast #118 about the anxiety, panic attacks and depression she endured for several years. In addition to being Lori’s husband and a dad to three great kids, Henry is also a biochemistry professor, a Sunday school teacher and an avid hunter and fisherman. He’s a busy man, yet he kindly volunteered to talk with us about the flip side of depression, the caretaker’s perspective.

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