Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

Raptor Rapture

Considered a sport by some and an art form by others, falconry has been practiced for hundreds of years in the United States and in other countries. Many have called the sport a "bond with the wild." It can be both exciting and disappointing, and requires much dedication and hard work.

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Becoming Unshakeable

Lysa Beltz has experienced marriage, divorce, re-marriage, a blended family, the ups and downs of relationships, scarcity, and abundance.  She’s had tough seasons and times of great blessing. Through it all, God has been her foundation and she’s seen Him move in ways that can only be described as supernatural. In her books and in her life, she uses what she’s learned to help those she touches with her faith.



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Podcast 129: Love at First Varoom

DJ Everett has been racing cars for over 30 years and also been a race announcer for more than a dozen years. He announces at race tracks as well as for television and DVDs. Along with two other racing enthusiasts, DJ hosts a podcast called “Turn 5 Live,” where the three men discuss Northwest and West Coast racing events and results. Even if you’re like us and don’t know much about the sport, you’ll enjoy DJ's story.

Turn 5 Live Podcast: https://www.facebook.com/watch/Turn5Live/

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